The Foolish Rich Man

I retold a parable for my composition homework, adding descriptions and dialogue.

Jesus told a parable to the people.

It was in the middle of the night while the twinkling satellites could easily be mistaken for stars while under it a foolish rich man was working hard for more money.

The wind rushing, speeding, pushed and pulled on his crops and made it hard to work but finally he got a huge load of pocket sized watermelons.

These would sell for high prices in the market to single people, not being too big for one person and rotting. He returned the next day with lots of money and lots of things that he bought on the way.

He had no more room in his barn that he stored the stuff in so he sang a song to himself.

I will pull down my barns (saxophone)

and put up bigger ones s-s- s-s (drum beat),

I will have much stuff (a drum roll),

and I will be the richest person in the WORLD (yeah!).

God heard his song and looked down on him.  He said, “You have many things on earth, but you will not get the treasures of Heaven, foolish man.”


4 thoughts on “The Foolish Rich Man

  1. Such a good exercise to retell a passage! It’s super challenging to retell a parable since it requires understanding what the original story would have conveyed to the listeners. Good job!


  2. This mirrors a warning I have been going over almost a week now – from 1 Samuel 2:3. Great re-telling of this parable, so that it’s easier for some people to understand.

    Thank you for sharing!


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